About Goteo

Crowdfunding + distributed collaboration

Goteo is a social network for crowdfunding and distributed collaboration (services, infrastructures, microtasks and other resources) for encouraging the independent development of creative and innovative initiatives that contribute to the common good, free knowledge, and open code. 
We support projects with social, cultural, scientific, educational, technological, or ecological objectives that generate new opportunities for the improvement of society and the enrichment of community goods and resources. 


Goteo adds collective returns to individual rewards

Goteo needs you!

We need individuals, civic organizations, and public and private entities of all stripes, whose common focus is an interest in the development of a collective, open source, knowledge-based society. Goteo differs from other models of crowdfunding by positioning itself as a social network composed of promoters, co-financers, and collaborators.

As a member of the network, you can take on one or more roles, depending on the project. Goteo offers:

  • To promoters: Choose a new model of collective financing and distributed collaboration, by giving your project visibility if you share all of these principles, and by getting your potential community involved right from the beginning.
  • To co-financiers: Access a wide range of projects, designed, produced and/or distributed from a free and open source perspective, in which to contribute monetarily in exchange for collective returns and individual rewards.
  • To collaborators: Participate in Goteo with resources, time, energy and skills, by helping concrete projects and the platform itself further the common good and achieve positive change in society.


Goteo Foundation = openness | neutrality | independence

Goteo is an initiative managed by the non-profit organization Goteo Foundation in order to ensure that the principles of openness, neutrality, transparency and independence are maintained through Goteo's development and management “feeder capital” fund. The Foundation also promotes an experimentation laboratory which is applied in turn for the benefit of the common good, open source code, and free knowledge in various social, cultural, and economic spheres.

Goteo’s principal promoter is Platoniq, an international organization of cultural producers and software developers who are pioneers in the production and distribution of copyleft culture. Since 2001, Platoniq has worked on projects and activities where the social uses of information technology and networking are applied to the development of communication, self-training, and civic organization. Noted among these projects are Burn Station, OpenServer, Banco Común de Conocimientos [Bank of Common Knowledge] and S.O.S, and all are available on the online research platform YouCoop.

For Goteo’s development, Platoniq is fortunate to have an important support network, comprised of various entities, among which are the Ministerio de Cultura [Ministry of Culture], CoNCA (Consell Nacional de la Cultura i de les Arts de Catalunya-National Council of Culture and Arts of Catalonia), ColaBoraBora (Centro de Innovación Social de EUTOKIA [Eutokia Social Innovation Center), Instituto de Cultura de Barcelona [Barcelona Institute of Culture], Medialab Prado, and CCCB Lab (Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona - Barcelona Center for Contemporary Culture).


An international / emerging trend

Goteo is part of an international trend of various emerging on and offline initiatives that are attempting to reconfigure the way in which we relate and progress both socially and economically, including crowdsourcing, peer-to-peer networks, microloans, complementary currencies, long tail economies, new forms of solidarity economies, free culture, and other ways of participating and socializing in a wide sense.

It is based on and inspired by a mixture of significant experiences with respect to crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and micropayment platforms like Flattr, initiatives to support open web projects like those promoted by Mozilla, open licensing like Creative Commons, new registration platforms like Safe Creative and distributed economies around projects like open hardware.

Documentary about Arduino, the open source hardware tool, directed by Rodrigo Calvo and Raúl Díez Alaejos. Produced by LABoral Centro de Arte [LaBoral Art Center]. Creative Commons licensed (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Team & collaborations



Strategy: Susana Noguero

Development: Olivier Schulbaum

Contents: Enric Senabre

Campaigns: María G. Perulero

Queries: Mercè Moreno

Management: Martina Ramis

Development of local nodes: Ricardo Antón, Rosa Fernández, Anto Recio

Design: Diego Bustamante

Programming: Julián Cánaves, Platoniq

Systems administration: Iván Vergés

Workshops and training: Enric Senabre and María G. Perulero


Translations: Mireia Ribas, Chris Pinchen, Liz Castro, Ibon Castilla

Infographics: Franc Camps-Febrer

Legal and data privacy advice: Jorge Campanillas (Iurismática Lawyers)

Business and economic advice: Jordi Planas y Olivier Pertuis

Technical and data mining advice: Alan Lazalde

Communication and promotion:

Judicial, intellectual property, and licensing advice: 

Safe creative

In order of appearance: Olivier, Susana, Enric, María, Ricardo (Basque node)