Putting the Crowd in the Picture: Crowdfunding and Cultural Heritage

By: Ann Marie 17 | 07 | 2015 #UNIAcapitalRiego, crowdfunding, Goteo

Crowdfunding is hardly a novel topic for readers of our blog and fans of cultural heritage. Countless projects on numerous platforms have seen the light of day thanks to this form of individual financial support, and even the most frivolous ideas can sometimes gain traction thanks to a combination of clever, “insider” humor and the immediate thrill of supporting a vaguely subversive


Seleccionados 4 proyectos para salir a campaña en Septiembre dentro de #CrowdfundingZGZ 2015

By: María 29 | 06 | 2015 Capital Riego, Cloudfunding, Calls, crowdfunding, Goteo, Projects

Una vez más, estamos muy cerca de activar una nueva tanda de riego para 4 proyectos geniales que contribuyen a mejorar la ciudad de Zaragoza, desde y para su ciudadanía, abiertos y participativos y formulados en clave de creación de retornos colectivos reproducibles y replicables, que van más allá de su contexto local.

Durante el mes de Junio, la Comisión Asesora de #CrowdfundingZGZ ha seleccionado


Launching 5 campaigns from the 4th edition of #UNIACapitalRiego

By: María 10 | 06 | 2015 #UNIAcapitalRiego, Capital Riego, Cloudfunding, Calls, crowdfunding, Goteo, Projects

Here we go!

Just as we expected, we’ve launched five new project campaigns on Cultural Heritage and Digital Remix. From today until July 19, we need your contributions to multiply the €10,000 matchfund provided by Universidad Internacional de Andalucía through its


Open Data and API: civic software multipliers, crowdfunding impact magnifiers

By: Goteo 04 | 06 | 2015 API, Events, Goteo, Help kit

Open Data utskrivet med CC0 och Wikidata badges. Imagen en Wikimedia Commons de Jan Ainali con licencia de Dominio Público

By María Velasco

Digital tools open many possibilities for the development of new ideas. They allow us to draw a map of the forest fires that have taken place in Spain during the last few years, or let anyone carry a sensor for evaluating city environments though the use of an electronic board.

These ideas have been put into play in real projects. Furthermore


5os #AperitiusCrowd: artivismo y escena independiente

By: Goteo Barcelona 03 | 06 | 2015 #AperitiusCrowd, #madeinGoteo, Barcelona, Success stories, Events, Help kit

Sin querer entrar en farragosos debates sobre la responsabilidad social del (mundo del) arte, sino más bien sacando a la calle el tema a modo de afirmación performática, David Proto y el colectivo Enmedio generan acciones u obras artísticas desde el activismo ciudadano. La gente de Enmedio, más que transformar la realidad, la hackean, lo cual no deja de ser lo mismo pero con un matiz de desobediencia


Goteathon pushes crowdfunding forward - more civic impact, with Matchfunding flows and Open Endorsement

By: Goteo 01 | 06 | 2015 API, Events, Goteo, impacto social

Our Goteathon event confirms it again: community is always a source of great proposals and good ideas.

We came back full of inspiration and clear development paths after two intense days of collective work in our first Goteathon at MediaLab Prado. In this event, we had the privileged opportunity of co-creating scenarios and defining needs along with numerous people from several institutions, all of them with different roles and interest in the type of indicators and open data


Mapping "Below the Radar" Organizations in Crowdfunding platforms, with Maria Botella of European Alternatives

By: Ann Marie 29 | 05 | 2015 Events, Goteo, impacto social, Help kit


One of our guests at the recent Goteathon was Maria Botella, who is the main researcher in the European Alternatives project “Mapping BTR”, a Nesta Policy and Research grant awardee for “Data Driven Methods for Mapping Below the Radar Activity in the Social Economy”. According to their website, “Mapping BTR&rdquo