A little later than usual, our stream of #opendrops lands full of energy in your inbox. We’re back from our biannual summit in Bunyola (Mallorca), an intensive meeting where we reflect and plan our next stages on the local, national and international level. Among other objectives, we face the challenge of strengthening relations with partners like this ones.

Anyway, weeks for us are always larger than you can imagine. Tomorrow we’re flying to Montpellier and speaking about Goteo as an innovative tool for social good in a panel on participatory funding at Secondes Rencontres Internationales de l’Innovation Sociale.

Next week, in Marseille, we’ll facilitate a new edition of our workshop on collective funding at Les Têtes de L’Art, our partner in the Connected Action for the Commons network. We’ll explore different dynamics on openness, civic impact and potential match-funding process with institutions through crowdfunding.

On Thursday 3rd of December, you’ll find us in an open, collective printing house located in the neighborhood of Gràcia, in Barcelona: L’Automàtica. They’ll explain their activity with and towards the engines and people in the space. You’ll get a very nice impression ;) We’ll be together with the team of Foto Colectania, who will explain their future campaign in Goteo.

If these events find you nearby, come and pay us a visit. If not, take a walk through our platform, meet and support new projects that are possible in Goteo thanks to you:

Women in History
Seven songs with tales of women who have changed the World. Education from a gender perspective
Un cuento propio 2
By: Pandora Mirabilia
Un cuento propio 2
Categories: Educational, Cultural
'Un cuento propio 2' es un disco que contiene siete cuentos infantiles para escuchar. Acompañados por música y canciones, los relatos nos cuentan asombrosas historias basadas en las vidas de mujeres reales. Siete mujeres a las que la Historia no ha tenido lo suficientemente en cuenta y cuyas aventuras y aportaciones queremos dar a conocer. Tras el éxito de nuestra primera edición, nos hemos animado a lanzar un nuevo disco dedicado a las vidas de otras siete mujeres. El disco...
Co-financing: Minimum € 8.500 _ Optimum € 12.100
Remaining: 16 days
Choose the drama
E-book exploring narrative possibilities offered by an unprecedented graphic motor
Le livre gravitaire
Le livre gravitaire
Categories: Technological, Design
The idea is to create a digital comic novel that would be readable only with the help of this graphics engine rather than a simple translation of a comic book on a digital screen. The principle is quite simple: The reader is facing a wide comic plate/page, of which he/she can only visualise a tiny fraction through the “window” of the smartphone or the tablet’s screen. As he/she tilts the device, the gravitational force brings down the “plate”...
Co-financing: Minimum € 5.250 _ Optimum € 7.875
Remaining: 17 days
Common waters
Updated cartography and preservation of springs through knowledge and collective defense.
By: Mecenazgo Universidad de Granada
Categories: Social, Technological
"Conoce tus Fuentes" (CTF, la Web de los manantiales de Andalucía) es el mayor catálogo on line de manantiales y fuentes de Andalucía realizado gracias a la participación ciudadana. No obstante, la iniciativa va más allá de la simple inventariación, ya que uno de sus objetivos es la conservación del agua a través del aprecio por el conocimiento, puesto que gracias a esta inventariación que se realiza a través de todas las provincias de Andalucía, ayudamos a la mejora...
Co-financing: Minimum € 4.050 _ Optimum € 7.000
Remaining: 18 days
40 years of injustice
Audiovisual equipments for documenting human rights violations in Sahara.
By: Mundubat Fundazioa
Categories: Social, Technological
The campaign «FLORES DEL SÁHARA» will generate awareness about the successive and diverse human rights violations against the Saharan people. During the last 40 years, the Western Sahara has suffered an illegal and brutal occupation under the King of Morocco, who has systematically violated the Saharan people’s basic human rights. This occupation contravenes international law along with innumerable resolutions from both the General Assembly and the Security Council of the United...
Co-financing: Minimum € 6.000 _ Optimum € 26.000
Remaining: 5 days
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