We liked this recent interview (in Spanish), where we explain why it is increasingly important the model of civic and open crowdfunding we practice from Goteo, specifically in the context of the collaborative economy. We are also looking forward to participate in two meetings shortly in Málaga (Social Camp), Barcelona (Collective Social Innovation) and Manchester (FutureEverything Festival). We take this opportunity to remind you that our (relentless) Twitter account is @goteofunding, in case you want to know more regularly about further developments, projects and topics of our interest.

The most interesting things for us are projects, of course, and the changes and positive experiences that they can generate with support from people, like in these cases:

Self-management and the Commons
Citizenship holding Málaga's social node
¡Apoya A La Casa Invisible!
By: La Casa Invisible
¡Apoya A La Casa Invisible!
Categories: Social, Communications
La Casa Invisible (The Invisible House) is a cultural and social centre under citizen's management. It opened in 2007 after the recovery of an abandoned building owned by the council of Málaga (Spain). Since, we have become one of the cultural lungs of the city, where critical thinking is constructed collectivelly. The acquired legitimacy and the intense work developed in defence of this space has been acknowledged, not only when we avoided its eviction...
Co-financing: Minimum € 10.005€ _ Optimum € 20.000€
Remaining: 27 days
Madrid punk memories
Open webdoc open about a little known sociocultural phenomenon in our recent history
Lo que hicimos fue secreto
By: Secreto de Madrid
Lo que hicimos fue secreto
Categories: Social, Communications
"Lo que hicimos fue secreto" es una webdoc de acceso libre con diversas piezas audiovisuales (video y audio) en torno al punk y su repercusión en la ciudad de Madrid, que abarcaría desde finales de los años 80 hasta nuestros días. Indagamos un camino de ida y vuelta, del arte a la sociedad y de la sociedad al arte. Queremos descubrir la manera en que ha afectado a la configuración de la ciudad de Madrid en sus aspectos artísticos, políticos y sociales. Las piezas audiovisuales darán...
Co-financing: Minimum € 8.160€ _ Optimum € 10.160€
Remaining: 31 days
Sport challengers
Female floorball aims to discover and reclaim the values of this sport
Road to Letonia
Road to Letonia
Categories: Commercial
Este proyecto pretende apoyar el trabajo de un equipo de deportistas para que logren asistir al Clasificatorio para el Mundial Femenino de Floorball, demostrando así al Consejo Superior de Deportes la importancia de esta práctica en nuestro país. Somos 6 chicas de la Selección Española Absoluta de Floorball. Integrantes desde hace años del Club Unihockey-Floorball Leganés. Un consolidado equipo femenino de jóvenes deportistas, dinámicas, tenaces, con una gran experiencia...
Co-financing: Minimum € 3.000€ _ Optimum € 5.000€
Remaining: 27 days
Report without violence
Updated guide to strengthen movements for peace and justice
Actualización del Manual para Campañas Noviolentas
Actualización del Manual para Campañas Noviolentas
Categories: Social
WRI is fundraising for the translation into Spanish of the new edition of the Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns. In 2009, War Resisters' International released the 'Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns'; a toolbox of ideas and resources to support activists to run more effective campaigns. The full first edition is available online here: The original was translated into over ten languages, including Spanish, German, Tigrinya (spoken in Eritrea)...
Co-financing: Minimum € 1.800€ _ Optimum € 2.600€
Remaining: 27 days
Goteo is a social network for crowdfunding and distributed collaboration (services, infrastructures, microtasks and other resources) for encouraging the independent development of creative and innovative initiatives that contribute to the common good, free knowledge, and open code.
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