Tomorrow afternoon we will have another edition of our AperitiusCrowd event at the great Impact Hub Barcelona, where we will talk about open crowdfunding, the campaign for social design from Zompopo collective, and other initiatives seeking feedback for their collective funding. Lately, we have also been busy working with the Carlos III University on the #CrowdUC3M initiative, a joint commitment to promote funding and awareness about several exciting projects in the uni areas of research and knowledge transfer.

And as usual, here are four recently published campaigns which are equally necessary, generous, and participatory:

The eyes of children
Training 200 teachers in conducting vision tests adapted to child population
Salud visual para la población infantil
By: Fundación Entretodos
Salud visual para la población infantil
Categories: Social, Commercial
The objective of this programme is to implement a visual health school program, by training 200 teachers in conducting vision test adapted to children and subsequent performing eye examinations. It also provides treatments in those with vision problems with a procedure that is willing to a clinically valid and an economically sustainable model which could be spread to other regions of Spain and Latin America. More than 12 million children between 5 and 12 years suffer visual disability...
Co-financing: Minimum € 4.500 _ Optimum € 6.250
Remaining: 31 days
Collective legal action
Cause against those responsible for the sale of public housing to Goldman Sachs' vulture fund
By: Afectados IVIMA
Categories: Social, Communications
Esta campaña de crowdfunding tiene como objetivo principal sufragar los gastos del equipo jurídico que lleva la causa penal contra los máximos responsables de la venta de 2935 viviendas públicas de la Comunidad de Madrid y defender los derechos de todos los madrileños y futuros adjudicatarios de viviendas del Instituto de la Vivienda de Madrid (IVIMA), ya que lo que se ha producido es un expolio del patrimonio de la Comunidad de Madrid. La venta de las viviendas públicas a un fondo...
Co-financing: Minimum € 8.000 _ Optimum € 28.900
Remaining: 18 days
Wolfram syndrome
This documentary tells the life story of a family against the fate of a cursed gene
A contracorriente
By: Colectivobrumaria
A contracorriente
Categories: Social, Communications
Dani, David, Iván. Tres nombres, una historia. Tres hermanos y un gen maldito. Miguel y Mari Lola, padres, amigos y camaradas. Cincuenta y cuatro primos. Una historia de superación colectiva frente a lo desconocido y lo inevitable. Una historia con presente, pasado y futuro, a contracorriente pero con un anhelo indestructible: un mundo mejor. Este es un documental que viaja de lo local a lo global, de la intimidad a lo social, de la familia a la ciudadanía, un documental...
Co-financing: Minimum € 7.300 _ Optimum € 10.650
Remaining: 24 days
Knowledge is power
Event to inform and discuss the dire consequences of Free Trade Agreements
By: ECOAR)))
Categories: Social
These conferences will take place between the months of March and April in A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela, and Vigo (Galicia, Spain), within the framework of the global campaign STOP TTIP. These conferences will focus on the analysis and dissemination of the harmful impact of the free trade agreements (TTIP, TISA, CETA...) on the individuals and biodiversity. With this initiative we aim to provide the public through various perspectives, and a critical and plural approach, what the...
Co-financing: Minimum € 3.100 _ Optimum € 3.350
Remaining: 24 days
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