2014 is ending and we are preparing many new features and surprises for next year. For now let's just say that we have implemented a detail that was missing: easy conversion to other currencies, as you can see next to the campaigns thermometer. And as Christmas is approaching, we just re-created our special Christmas catalog for "crowd-gifts". Check it out and use it in order to generate more social impact with your donation, sending the reward you want to someone else :)

Here's a selection of four recent ethical crowdfunding campaigns, which we love to share in this last newsletter of the year:

Travelling objects
A smart and simple tracking system to better share and enjoy what we consume
Infinitloop 2.0
By: Tarpuna
Infinitloop 2.0
Categories: Social, Technological
Infinitloop 2.0 is a system to visualize the story of things. It consists of a QR sitcker that is added to any object, and which allows to follow its track in a map. Thus we show fantastic stories of things and know their adventures; we make their life longer and avoid it becomes waste too early An infinitloop object is made to last almost forever and make many people happy. It can have a short cycle use (wraps, bags, packagings, books,...) or to be used longer (records, toys, clothers...
Co-financing: Minimum € 8.000€ _ Optimum € 16.700€
Remaining: 21 days
More accessibility
To improve and optimize the online library on deafness most visited in Latin America
Renovemos la cultura sorda!
By: Association Bébian
Renovemos la cultura sorda!
Categories: Social, Educational
With more than 1,000 specialized articles and other documents, (online since 2006) is currently the most visited website on Deafness in Spanish speaking countries. But its format, mostly based on texts, is not accesible for Deaf people, who usually have reading difficulties. We want to do the site accessible to them, making three reasonable accommodations suggested by the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, namely: 1) change to a web-accessible...
Co-financing: Minimum € 2.740€ _ Optimum € 3.540€
Remaining: 19 days
School of life
Constructing and sharing an open place in the Camino de Santiago
O Couso: Escuela de Dones y Talentos, Casa de Acogida y Comunidad en el Camino de Santiago
By: OCouso
O Couso: Escuela de Dones y Talentos, Casa de Acogida y Comunidad en el Camino de Santiago
Categories: Social, Educational
Estamos creando una Casa de Acogida, una Escuela de Dones y Talentos, y una Comunidad Abierta en pleno Camino de Santiago, que no es sino una gran autopista de personas en búsqueda. Creemos en la capacidad del ser humano para hacer realidad sus sueños. Y por ello, queremos hacer de un mundo bueno, un mundo mejor. No se trata de "luchar contra" sino de "construir alternativas", de forma que lo caduco caiga por sí solo ante la fuerza de una nueva forma de actuar. Estamos en contacto...
Co-financing: Minimum € 5.549€ _ Optimum € 20.971€
Remaining: 32 days
Sharing therapies
Collective project to expand knowledge and positive effects of an ancient health technique
El Roble Acupuntura Comunitaria
By: Javier Martínez
El Roble Acupuntura Comunitaria
Categories: Social, Commercial
El Roble is a project of community acupuncture. Our two main motives are on the one hand to allow this technique to be available to all people and on the other hand for the acupuncturists to find an economically viable working model that allows them to develop their practice and help their communities. We are going to work with a sliding scale pricing between 12 and 25 euros per session. People decide within that range what they want to pay according to their needs. Sessions are going...
Co-financing: Minimum € 3.385€ _ Optimum € 4.659€
Remaining: 27 days
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