Certain words give you some push, some energy, some inspiration - would you say “meta” is one of them? Yes or no, you’d still better start looking for that inspiration ASAP and present a cool project to the new matchfunding call, Meta Guipuzkoa. We’re opening this call today with the regional/provincial council Diputación Foral de Guipuzkoa. They’ll double each euro individually donated to any of the 20 final projects selected for a crowdfunding campaign. Projects should be promoted from or have impact in Guipuzkoa, and up to €70,000 will be distributed among them all. Fine-tune your brain and networks and present a project before June 19th!

Last Thursday we shared the afternoon with the participants in ‘Funding the cooperative city – new models for community spaces’, an initiative by Eutropian and [VIC] Vivero de Iniciativas Ciudadanas. This series of workshops, videos and publications present emerging case studies of urban projects led by communities across Europe. We were delighted to share once again with two #madeinGoteo communities, Instituto Do it YourSelf and La Fábrika de Toda la Vida, as well as other remarkable initiatives that share open, distributed and cooperative economical models like Coop57/La Traviesa, Wikitoki or Entrepatios.coop.

If you’re in Madrid, set a reminder for next week’s workshop on social media and online campaigning at Periódico Diagonal’s headquarters, May 3rd - 5th. This newspaper, Periódico Diagonal, a close collaborator of ours, is promoting the workshop, and registration is only open until Friday. Carmen, our Goteo team colleague, will be there on the 5th. You’ll also find Iván there, a super-active guy that (among many other things) has promoted several powerful campaigns through Goteo, the most recent one was #YoIBEXtigo by La Marea (Trending Topic, €20.000 in 2 days and over 600 donors in less than 24 hours!)

If you’re seeking some inspiration, how about meeting and supporting an indigenous community radio group, an organic chocolate cream from Asturias, a forum for dialogue, or a documentary on sustainable nutrition in our schools?

Cocoa cream from Asturias
If revolution starts in the kitchen, Kikiricoop adds the chocolate and hazelnuts to the
Asturcilla y Con-Fusión Comidas: construyendo alternativas en el mundo rural
Asturcilla y Con-Fusión Comidas: construyendo alternativas en el mundo rural
Categories: Social, Commercial
Kikiricoop es una cooperativa que llamamos "neopaisana" porque la hemos creado personas que volvemos al campo, a habitar el mundo rural, con el fin de vivir de forma sostenible. Kikiricoop pretende dotar de un espacio y de una infraestructura legal a proyectos que trabajan en torno al desarrollo sostenible, la ecología y/o el feminismo. Pretendemos facilitar las cosas a la gente que quiera vivir en el campo y del campo. De momento, son dos los proyectos que forman parte...
Co-financing: Minimum € 10.000 _ Optimum € 15.000
Remaining: 25 days
Sustainable school lunch
Where does the food our children eat at school come from? What’s behind its production?
Alimentando Conciencias
By: del Campo al Cole
Alimentando Conciencias
Categories: Social, Educational
Lanzamos el primer Documental sobre Comedores Escolares Sostenibles en España Para ello vamos a realizar: - Una pieza audiovisual donde queremos recoger experiencias de comedores escolares sostenibles, que se guían por criterios de adquisición de alimentos de temporada, de cercanía y agroecológicos. Proyectos en los que cocinar es un acto político y en los que los comedores se convierten en espacios educativos. - Una investigación periodística sobre cuál es la situación...
Co-financing: Minimum € 9.150 _ Optimum € 12.880
Remaining: 31 days
Weaving resistance!
Spreading the word through radio, so indigenous communities can keep self-organizing in Mexico
Radio Zapata, tejiendo comunidad desde el corazón de la montaña.
By: Centro Integral de Comunicación Comunitaria
Radio Zapata, tejiendo comunidad desde el corazón de la montaña.
Categories: Social, Technological
Zapata Radio 94.1 FM is a community radio born in the community of Buena Vista, in the municipality of San Luis Acatlan, in the state of Guerrero, Mexico. This community media project is the result of a year of reflection in the assemblies of 22 indigenous communities. Broadcasting began on November 15, 2014 and the radio was inaugurated on April 10, 2015, when it was heard in 21 municipalities in the Costa Chica and Montaña region of Guerrero. Last June, 2015, Tropical Storm Carlos, which...
Co-financing: Minimum € 6.000 _ Optimum € 14.000
Remaining: 24 days
Promoting dialog
Different creeds and spiritualities meet together seeking common ground
VI Edición del Foro Espiritual en Estella
By: Foro Espiritual de Estella
VI Edición del Foro Espiritual en Estella
Categories: Communications, Cultural
Tras varios años de descanso, volvemos con ilusión a seguir hilando aquella oración inacabada, a sostener en el cielo ese canto aunado, a fortalecer ese círculo apenas dibujado… Apenas dimos unos pasos, que ya no saben de vuelta atrás. El sueño de los credos reencontrados invita a volver a aquel aro florecido, a aquel incipiente verano, a aquel alba sólo esbozado … El altar compartido reclama nueva flor, nueva llama, nuevas gentes que le caminen silentes, reverentes. Cercanos...
Co-financing: Minimum € 4.030 _ Optimum € 8.210
Remaining: 18 days
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