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Un proyecto por la paz y el diálogo

We want to build peace and dialogue. That is why we are here

Economic needs



€ 7.700
€ 3.950
€ 4.175
29 / 06 / 2014

Non-economic needs

Looking for

  • Content translation

    We are looking for translators from and to English, French and Catalan. The translations could be either by project or on a daily basis.


    We need to get along media organizations and other associations to spread our contents

  • Project growth

    We need to amplify our voice, that is why we are looking for bloggers, journalists, twitters, professors and people who has public voice to help us spread the word on our project.

  • Body count and naming

    We are looking to collaborate with universities and associations to form a team for Menos Días Aquí. We urgently need to create a work team to link this project to others (missing and displaced persons) in order to take the first steps towards a Truth Comission. Somos el único conteo-recuento nacional civil de muertes por la violencia en México con datos obtenidos y verificados en medios de información de todo el país.

  • Decentralized Journalism

    We are looking for journalists, activists, professors and news collectives to report on the violence, peace initiatives, resistance, hope and all the events that are happening but are not reported in the mainstream media. We need people from: Aguascalientes / Baja California / Baja California Sur / Campeche / Coahuila / Colima / Chiapas / Estado de México / Durango / Guanajuato / Hidalgo / Michoacán / Morelos / Nayarit / Oaxaca / Quintana Roo / San Luis Potosí / Tabasco / Tamaulipas / Tlaxcala / Yucatán / Zacatecas.

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What is offered in exchange

Individual rewards

  • Contributing € 10

    Acknowledgment: Recognition on our Social Network Sites

    Contributing 10€ (14$ or 180 pesos)- Recognition on our Social Network Sites (except anonymous contributions)

    Limited reward
    46 units left
  • Contributing € 25

    Acknowledgment: Recognition on our Social Network Sites + personalized mention in our website

    Contributing 25€ (35$ or 450 pesos) - Recognition on our Social Network Sites + personalized mention in our website (except anonymous contributions).

    Limited reward
    25 units left
  • Contributing € 50

    Product: One NAR book (NAR el libro, Grijalbo, Mexico 2011)+ personalized mention in our website

    Contributing 50€ (70$ or 900 pesos) – One NAR book (NAR el libro, Grijalbo, Mexico 2011)+ personalized mention in our website (except anonymous contributions)

    Limited reward
    2 units left
  • Contributing € 100

    Product: Two NAR books + personalized mention in our website

    Contributing 100€ (140$ or 1800 pesos) - Two NAR books (NAR el libro, Grijalbo, Mexico 2011 and Tú y yo coincidimos en la noche terrible, NAR, Mexico 2012) + personalized mention in our website (except anonymous contributions)

    Limited reward
    10 units left
  • Contributing € 250

    Product: Logo or banner in our website (in case it is an association or institution) + 4 NAR books

    Contributing 250€ (350$ or 4500 pesos) – Logo or banner in our website (in case it is an association or institution)+ 4 NAR books (two copies ofNAR el libro, Grijalbo, Mexico 2011 and two copies of Tú y yo coincidimos en la noche terrible, NAR, Mexico 2012)

    Limited reward
    5 units left
  • Contributing € 500

    Services: Logo or banner in our website (in case it is an association or institution) + Personalized presentation of our association + 4 NAR books

    Contributing 500€ (700$ or 9000 pesos) - Logo or banner in our website (in case it is an association or institution) + Personalized presentation of our association (in person if the funding comes from Catalonia, certain cities of Spain and Mexico. If not, we will present through the available technology (Skype, Google Talk, Blackboard, etc.) 4 NAR books (two copies ofNAR el libro, Grijalbo, Mexico 2011 and two copies of Tú y yo coincidimos en la noche terrible, NAR, Mexico 2012)

    Limited reward
    4 units left
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Nuestra Aparente Rendición

Nuestra Aparente Rendición
Nuestra Aparente Rendición (NAR) nació en agosto de 2010 tras la matanza de 72 migrantes en San Fernando, Tamaulipas: en el noreste de México. Como respuesta al terrible suceso, hicimos un llamado urgente para preguntar cuántos éramos y qué podíamos hacer. Con la finalidad de generar conciencia y pensamiento para organizarlo y exigir cinco requisitos básicos para detener la guerra: Restitución de la dignidad de las víctimas, derecho a una información fidedigna, protección de la ciudadanía, congelación de las cuentas de las organizaciones criminales y saneamiento de las autoridades.

A día de hoy Nuestra Aparente Rendición es una asociación civil constituida legalmente fuera de México (en Barcelona) que funciona gracias al esfuerzo de más de 70 voluntarios y la ayuda constante de colaboradores.

Mantenemos activo el único conteo-nombramiento civil y nacional de víctimas de la violencia, con el que hemos recabado la información de 47,325 asesinatos desde el 12 de septiembre de 2010 (hasta el 6 de marzo de 2014); trabajamos con colectivos de desaparecidos, huérfanos de la violencia, estudiantes organizados, comunidades indígenas, activistas amenazados, periodistas en riesgo, albergues para migrantes, caminantes por la paz, casas de acogida para mujeres y niñas amenazadas y violentadas y un largo etcétera de hombres y mujeres que se han levantado por la dignidad y la paz de México y que necesitan, desesperadamente, nuestra atención y nuestra ayuda.
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Un proyecto por la paz y el diálogo


Mexico is in the middle of an unprecedented state of violence that has worn down several regions of the country and has affected the life of millions of people. Since the beginning of the so called “War on Narco”, declared by former president Felipe Calderón on 2006, there have been almost 150,000 murders (1), between 27,000 and 200,000 missing persons that have been disappeared either by state forces or by criminal organization (2), between 60,000 and 100,000 migrants have been assassinated (3), and at least 170,000 people have been displaced from their homeland (4). Besides these terrifying statistics, Mexico is the most dangerous country –only behind Somalia- for the journalist to perform their job. More journalists and media workers have been killed in Mexico’s democratic period that started in July 2000 than in all World War II or in the last Iraq invasion.


Nuestra Aparente Rendicion (NAR) was born as a space to try to understand, think about, accompany and traverse together this tragedy in the most human way possible. NAR is a project that is showing, spreading, denouncing and reflecting about the consequences of the war and, specially, on peace building. We have established an intergenerational and interdisciplinary dialogue between different actors in different places. Our project has been enriched by the participation of other collectives, journalists, artists, professors, students, intellectuals, victims and witnesses


After four years and thanks to the hard work and solidarity of dozens of persons our association is already known nationally and internationally. We have become an ethical and citizen reference on the analysis of Mexico’s violence. We have worked with a wonderful multidisciplinary team and we have maintained our humaneness intact in the middle of this human catastrophe. We have devised different forms to think about what is happening in México and try to solve it.


There’s a lot to be done in Mexico, and that is why we want to underpin our project so we can be more helpful. We want to create synergies with others and consolidate different teams that can help us to manage projects on human rights, art and critical thought as tools for social empowerment. We want to escalate our technical capacities and develop security protocols for our collaborators and us. We want also to make it easier to the ones that help us. We want to broaden our perspective and keep joining efforts.

We are voice, memory, body. We need your help to keep growing

We want to build peace and dialogue. That os why we are here.

* Vídeo de presentación: Paty Godoy

(1) Data mentioned by US Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta. blogs.cnnmexico.com/aristegui/2012/03/28/150000-personas-han-muerto-por-el-narcotrafico/
(2) The oficial database is housed by the State Ministry and shows the frightening figure of nearly 27,000 cases, however if we adjust the data with the unreported crimes and the missing migrants we can estimate there can be even 200,000 people missing in México.
(3) www.sinembargo.mx/09-12-2013/838447
(4) mexidata.info/id3753.html

Main features


Nuestra Aparente Rendición was born in august 2010 after the massacre of 72 migrants in San Fernando, Tamaulipas, in the northeastern part of Mexico. It was born as answer against that terrible event. We made an urgent call to ask how many of us where shocked by the massacre and what could we do. We wanted to generate awareness and reflection in order to organize it and insist on five basic prerequisites to end the war: Restoring the dignity of the victims, right to accurate information, citizen protection, freezing the bank accounts related to criminal organizations and a thorough purge of the governmental authorities that have been collaborating or protecting the criminals or are the criminals themselves.

We are a lawfully constituted civil association outside Mexico (Barcelona) that operates thanks the huge efforts of more tan 70 volunteers and collaborators


We manage the only national civil body count and naming in Mexico. Since September 12, 2010 (up to march 6, 2014) we have collected the information on more than 47,325 murders. We work closely with missing person’s collectives, associations of orphans, students, indigenous communities, endangered journalists, migrant shelters, refuges for battered and abused women, with men and women that are working for the dignity and peace in Mexico and with every collective that needs care in he middle of this war.


We have reached almost two million hits in all our websites. We have spread the Word on Mexico’s state of violence with associations like Amnesty International; institutions like UNESCO; universities like Columbia and Harvard; libraries like the National Library of Bogotá; cultural spaces like the Madres de Plaza de Mayo Forum in Argentina, Palacio de la Moneda in Chile and the CCCB in Barcelona.

Why this is important

We want to spread the word about the humanitarian tragedy that is going on in Mexico and that very few people know outside Mexico because Mexico is usually portrayed as an exotic and friendly country. We want to break with these stereotypes to create awareness, accompany and empower the victims, reclaim the memory, build spaces for dialogue and create effective strategies for peace building.

Our project is for all sensible men and women who are fighting for human rights, freedom of speech and peace.

Goals of the crowdfunding campaign

Use new and diverse communication strategies to visibilize the project, find new partners and improve our synergies with our collaborators

Redesign the interface and strengthen the programming of our website to improve its security and facilitate the job of out team. Build a basic e-learning platform.

Name a team responsible for communication strategy and social networking. Devise a new communication campaign to spread the news on our new website

Edit the e-books for the projects: “Literary intervention in Mexico” and “The Latin American Map of Our Future” and donate them to schools and universities.

Hire a managerial team for a 5-month period to consolidate the project, set up alliances with other organizations, institutions, collectives and universities. Devise a funding strategy for the association and its projects.
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