Comic book tutorials to get into the world of electronics, open hardware and DIY manufacturing.

Goteo Euskadi
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What is offered in exchange

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Non-economic needs

Looking for

  • Communication and diffusion

    Individuals or groups who want to promote our project through their blog or social networks. People who have contact or work in organizations and/or media who may be interested in publishing a review of this initiative.

  • Translation

    People who help in translating contents into other languages, mainly Basque and English.

  • Review

    Persons interested in receiving the Tutomics before the publication to ensure that they do not have any misprints and are truly legible.

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Individual rewards

  • Contributing € 5

    Acknowledgment: Web recognition

    Your name will appear on our website as “Cofinancer” of each Tutomic.

  • Contributing € 15

    Digital files: Illustrated diploma

    You will receive a digital certificate with a personalized illustration, where you will be credited as a collaborator on this project + Web recognition

  • Contributing € 35

    Product: Tutomics printed edition

    We will send you a dedicated hard copy of all the Tutomics + Illustrated diploma + Web recognition

  • Contributing € 55

    Product: Arduino Uno R3

    We will send you an Arduino Uno R3 microcontroller + Tutomics printed edition + Illustrated diploma + Web recognition

  • Contributing € 800

    Services: Arduino workshop

    Designed for trainers or training centers. A 20-hour course of introduction to Arduino, which will teach you how to use the open source platform that is radically changing the way we see electronic prototyping. (Maximum 10 people per group. Didactic material, displacement and accommodation costs are not included in the reward).

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Aitor Aloa

Aitor Aloa
My name is Aitor and I live in Sestao, a post industrial town located on the left bank of the Nervión River. I studied industrial design, graphic/multimedia design, audiovisual/entertainment production and lightning design.

I have always been interested in design, art and technology. Currently, I am fascinated by open hardware and its possibilities both professionally and socially.
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    Technological, Educational


    By: Aitor Aloa

    The aim of this initiative is to develop a set of comic book tutorials that allows people of all...



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    09 / 12 / 2012
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The aim of this initiative is to develop a set of comic book tutorials that allows people of all ages, cultures and genders to enter into the world of electronics, open hardware and DIY manufacturing in a fun and flexible way.

These tutorials are presented as comic books to make them more accessible, reinventing the presentation model of this information and making it much more attractive to those people who still believe this kind of content is boring or difficult to address.

Main features

Develop a set of ten comic book tutorials where we explain how to use the basic tools to enter into the world of electronics, open hardware and DIY culture.

These tutorials will ingeniously explain how to use the different basic tools found in an electronics or DIY manufacturing studio. You will discover what open hardware is, learn how to read the code of resistors or distinguish between the different electronic symbols. We will explain how to solder with tin, how to use a multimeter, a gauge or a breadboard, and you will learn the fundamentals of power supplies or batteries .

All these tutorials will be available online for you to consult them at anytime and also in PDF format for you to download and print. All of them will be published under open licenses, so you can reproduce, modify, translate or distribute them.

Why this is important

After several years working as an employee in the lightning design and audiovisual integration field, I understand that it is about time to establish myself on my own.

A little while later, I developed an online sales platform where I sell open hardware devices oriented towards the scope of activity of the studio, in order to create a place where others can join. During that process I incorporated devices that require some knowledge of electronics or DIY manufacturing, and saw how the applicant, despite appearing very interested, were hesitant due to their lack of knowledge or experience.

Given this situation, and being totally convinced that electronics, open hardware and DIY manufacturing are truly accessible, I searched the Internet and found a comic book tutorial by Mitch Altman and Andie Nordgren which explained how to solder (mightyohm.com/soldercomic).

I translated it immediately and began to forward it to everyone who said, “But I don’t know how to solder”. In every case, the result was very positive, proving that the use of this format for the presentation of certain contents that appear difficult, makes them child’s play.

This project is aimed at anyone interested in getting into the world of electronics and open hardware, but perceives it as something complicated and boring, It is specially aimed at educational centers, trainers who want to get their students in this area, DIY fans, curious minds or professionals from other fields who want to expand their knowledge.

Goals of the crowdfunding campaign

The main short-term objective is to raise the necessary funds to cover the associated costs of the project and allow us to devote ourselves full time to the development and completion of all the contents. We are also motivated by the interest which such documentation may bring about in society and the chosen form for its distribution.

In the short-medium term, we want to create a source of reference information for electronics, open hardware and DIY manufacturing, where you can find contents relevant both to newcomers and those who already have basic knowledge, creating a user community, in connection with that information that can be expanded and improved.

In the long term, we want to maximize the user community and encourage the use of this type of device in daily life, promoting a different ethic in which consumer electronics can be modified by the users and not by the corporations, helping the general public to design and/or modify these consumer electronics devices so that they fit their needs better, and inviting them to share their knowledge with others.
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