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Modul8 Modul8 is a revolutionary MacOS X application designed for real time video mixing and compositing. It has been designed for VJs and live performers.

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Do you want to make your own control interface? And do you want to control all the software and hardware you use for your multimedia projects with it? In addition.... Do you want it to have an attractive, flexible and open source design? Stop beating around the bush! The thing you want is BHOREAL. BHOREAL is an Open Source interface based on the Arduino platform that allows to control all types of software and hardware using a surface with RGB LED-backlit pushbuttons. You can use it as OSC/MIDI device to trigger samples live, as sequencer, synthesizer, rhythmbox, pitch map generator or remote control. It can also work in standalone mode as algorithmic and generative driver, mathematical simulator, game interface, low resolution LED display or any other kind of application you can imagine. Thanks to its versatility, BHOREAL is a fundamental tool for DJs, VJs, musicians, artists, hackers and all kinds of creative DIY people willing to explore a piece of hardware which is infinitely reconfigurable and reprogrammable. The BHOREAL controller allows to overcome the constraints imposed by conventional device manufacturers. Its Open Source essence makes it possible to modify and adapt the tool freely. For the last few years, MID´s team has been working on this interface in order to maximize its flexibility and provide adaptable configurations for each user needs. On the basis of these premises BHOREAL is available in four different models: two DIY self-assembly kits and two “ready-to-use” preassembled units . Both hardware and firmware are completely Open Source and are released under Creative Commons licenses. BHOREAL is Windows/Mac OS/Linux compatible.


Do you want to make your own control interface? And do you want to control all the software and...



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